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November 14, 2018  

Store grown organic microgreens


We are growing our own organic microgreens inside of our store. The shelves by the window grow using natural sun light. The other shelve has LED lighting, which is ideal for the growth. Microgreens are packed with nutrients. ARS scientists analyzed key nutrients in 25 different varieties of microgreens and found that red cabbage microgreens (shown here) had the highest…

October 11, 2018  

Meats from Zoe’s Meats


Zoe’s Meats is a mission-based, artisan cured meat company committed to nurturing the well-being of our community and the environment. Rooted in tradition and pruned by innovation, we continually craft and deliver new, exciting products to chefs, restaurants and retailers across the country.  https://zoesmeats.com/pages/about-us We create Artisan Meats with incredible flavor profiles to satisfy even the most discerning foodies anywhere. Developed with…

August 5, 2018  

Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and beets from Smith Farm


McKay Smith  has three organic farms – in Fountain Valley, Irvine and Huntington Beach.  Please just check their website and read the articles about Smith Farm in local media. If you visit Torrance market you can talk to McKay in person. He is there almost every Saturday. So if you wonder why he suddenly doesn’t have lettuce, he will explain…

December 14, 2017  

Organic tomatoes from California


Any pizza lover will tell you: “The secret is in the sauce”. At Pizzoun, we know sauce is very important if you want to craft the best pizza possible. When we were looking for whole tomatoes to use for our pizza sauce, we did a lot of testing. We tried different organic canned tomatoes, including both imported and domestic brands….


Angelo & Franco Organic Mozzarella from South Bay


Here at Pizzoun, we love mozzarella cheese. We don’t mind shredding it ourselves fresh in our store.  We don’t even mind paying a  higher price because we are always committed to bringing our customers the very best pizza toppings. We are incredibly lucky to have found Angelo & Franco. These great organic cheese makers from Italy set up shop in…

December 3, 2017  

Organic Flour from Central Milling


Here at Pizzoun, we are proud to only use Organic 00 flour from Central Milling in Utah. Double-O (00) is the ideal flour for our Neo-Neapolitan style of pizza. And why organic? Because it is grown without using pesticides and without any synthetic additives. The Organic Wheat from Central Milling is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers….