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December 14, 2017  

The best organic tomatoes from California


When we are looking for whole tomatoes to use for our pizza sauce we did a lot of testing. We tried the famos San Marzano tomatoes from Italy. We tried different organic tomatoes. And we soon realized that we have fantastic quality organic tomatoes right here in California. There is no need to import tomatoes from Italy. The California tomatoes…


Angelo & Franco Organic Mozzarella from South Bay


We are incredibly lucky to have great cheese makers from Italy set up shop in Hawthorne, CA. There are not many producers of organic cheeses. Most of the pizzerias use bags of shredded cheese or big blocks. It is much easier, but doesn’t taste the same as fresh mozzarella. The bulk mass produced mozzarella is much more cheaper than fresh….


Our meat suppliers


We have found out that it is very challenging to find great producers of organic meats. Especially finding good tasting salami or ham become basically impossible. So we have a mix of organic and non-organic meats. We tasted and tasted samples from many producers. Some of the organic hams looked promising, but tasted horrible. We had very hard time to…

December 3, 2017  

Organic flour from Central Milling


We only use Organic 00 flour from Central Milling in Utah. 00 flour is the ideal flour for Neo-Neapolitan style of pizza. And why organic? Because it is grown without using pesticides and without any additives. Organic Wheat is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. Generally, it’s not irradiated or irrigated with repurposed run-off water.