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About Us

We love great food. Great food doesn’t mean for us to be sitting in fancy restaurant and waiting for the order to come in. Great food is something delicious what can be cooked by food vendor on the street. The most important is the quality of ingredients. We are looking for the freshest, best tasting, locally grown ingredients we can find. The taste and quality is the most important. We don’t compromise on quality of ingredient even if it means paying much higher costs. We love the substance not the form. We also like healthy. But healthy means not limiting choices what to eat. It is more about quality and simplicity. We let few ingredients to shine.

We want transparency in understanding how our suppliers grow the food. Who is making. Where it is made. We love organic. Local is always better then imported from far away. Ideally smaller producers, which we can know and understand how they work.

It is a big challenge, but that’s what makes it interesting for us. We believe that mass produced food causes many problems. We need to go back to basics.  The way how the food was produced in the past. Natural way. Without the use of herbicides, pesticides, radiation, chemicals, hormones and all kind of weird ingredients.

Some items on our menu will be constant, but we expect a lot of seasonal foods. We  cook with local ingredients which are at the peak of its flavor. You will see a lot of seasonal items. Please see our social media what we are cooking (FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter). Please do follow!

We are really hoping that our customers will understand our values and will appreciate our efforts.

Our vision:

  1. Less is more. Rather few high quality ingredients then a lot of average ones. We rather change our menu frequently based on seasonal ingredients then try offer the same meals year round.
  2. Each ingredient needs to speak for itself. No need to mask and hide it’s true taste. Organically grown tomato picked at the top of it’s ripeness will have fantastic sweet flavor by itself. There is no need to add sugar. There is no reason to add sugar to pizza dough, pizza sauce, etc. Dough will raise beautifully with the naturally occurring sugar in wheat. It really starts with each ingredient.
  3. Organic is very important. We don’t like to have pesticides, herbicides, radiation, hormones and antibiotics in our food! But we look not just at the label, but the whole approach how and by whom is the food grown. We want to know our farmers. We want to see how they operate. Having relationship with small farmers is the most important for us. We don’t trust huge corporations. We don’t trust in large scale manufacturing of food. Large corporations have much bigger tendency to cut corners. So we rather pay higher cost and get food from people we know.
  4. Environmental impact. Recyclable packaging is good start, but it is not enough. Only small percentage (9%) of recyclable plastic is actually recycled. Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade.  Biodegradable and compostable is a must! Not using regular plastic straws, cups or bags is common sense! Let’s not have tons of plastic in our oceans and landfills. Let’s reduce the huge amount of garbage we produce.


Pizzoun founder learning the hard way about organic farming thirty years ago back in Czech Republic.

John Vanhara
[email protected]