Zoe’s Meats is a mission-based, artisan cured meat company committed to nurturing the well-being of our community and the environment. Rooted in tradition and pruned by innovation, we continually craft and deliver new, exciting products to chefs, restaurants and retailers across the country.  https://zoesmeats.com/pages/about-us

We create Artisan Meats with incredible flavor profiles to satisfy even the most discerning foodies anywhere. Developed with the Founder’s young daughter Zoe in mind, this selection of meat is crafted with attention to every ingredient. We start with antibiotic-free pork and add a delightful mix of unique ingredients that will leave you wanting more. https://zoesmeats.com/pages/why-buy-zoes-meats

We are currently using Zoe’s Meats Pepperoni

  • Uncured – No Nitrates or Nitrites
  • Gluten Free
  • Pork Raised with No Antibiotics & No Hormones
  • All Natural – Minimally processed with no artificial ingredient

And Zoe’s Black Forrest Ham

Completely natural, with no added nitrates or nitrites, we smoke our Black Forest Ham using real applewood chips. The result is a smooth balance of sweet, salty and smoky flavor. Simply delicious Black Forest Ham created in the old fashioned style.

We believe Zoe’s is a great company and actually doing great job with their meats. Unfortunately any of these are not with USDA Organic certification. We are always letting our suppliers how we prefer organic. If more restaurants put pressure on the supply chain we think a lot can change for the better.

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